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Mar 15, 2009 · Video embedded · This walrus was just minding his own business. Taken at the Valencia, Spain Oceanografico.

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Walrus feeding, habitat, distribution, reproduction, anatomy, venom research and more

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The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous distribution about the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic seas of the

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Tusks are formed on both the male and female walrus. The males tend to produce heavier set, more impressive tusks than the females. Their size lends them to larger

Walruses are the gentle giants of the Arctic. They are among the largest pinnipeds — fin-footed, semiaquatic marine mammals. However, while they have an

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Walrus tusks have long been sought after for their ivory. Fully grown walruses can have tusks up to 39 inches long, which they mostly use for mating or protection.

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